How many times should we forgive? The Bible says something like 70 times 7 times. That’s a lot. It’s easy to forgive people for things like saying something mean, or giving a dirty look, or even cutting you off in traffic. But what about the BIG stuff. Can we forgive someone who has stolen from us, violated us, killed someone we love, or has cheated on us? 

There’s no easy answer to that question. And there is no quick fix. Forgiveness is a process. But I believe that the only way can start the road to forgiveness is by either experiencing such forgiveness ourselves or by hearing other people’s stories of forgiveness. 

Check out the short essay recounted on NPR’s This I Believe. Jennifer Thompson-Cannino was raped by a man she thought was Ronald Cotton. She picked him out of a line-up in order to get justice. Cotton served 11 years for this crime until DNA evidence was found that he was innocent.

God calls each of us to reconciliation. How can these two ever hope to reconcile? Click here and listen.