Tonight on NBC at 8:00pm, the first episode of the new show called Kings airs. For those of you who don’t know, Kings is a modern day interpretation of the story of Saul & David, featured in 1 & 2 Samuel (don’t confuse with the Book of Kings!). So you can expect all the drama, sex, deception, and violence of the biblical narrative (Don’t believe me? Go back and read David’s story–it’s a veritable soap opera!) but done with a modern flair–NBC style. 

I haven’t read much about this series, and am waiting to see it before I make a decision, but I tend to enjoy modern-day takes on the Bible. Or better yet, I like to read theological themes into any types of media. My expectations for an explicit adaptation will be high. But it will be interesting to see the choices they make in telling these classic stories.

I will give my official opinion later, and I would LOVE to hear yours! Comment below!