The following is a poem written by retiring organist Pat Newton as her farewell to St. Nicholas. Pat is leaving to devote more time to composing, writing, teaching, and spending time with her husband, Bob. They are not leaving St. Nicholas, thankfully, but are going to take a break for a while. We wish Pat and Bob the best as they follow the Spirit’s guiding. 


The grace that gives

The soul that sings

     and says to you and me

We have a gift

It’s here right now

     Don’t you feel a thing?


It’s love, it’s love

He died for me

He died for you, it’s true

Now our lives are changed for good,

     for all eternity.


It’s not a place

But a Spirit that comes

Alone it says: Look now

     We have each other,

     Our hearts and minds

To share like sister and brother.


Can you sense it

   In that look

   Or at the altar rail?

Or in those tiny hands held up

To take a communion wafe

            Don’t you feel a thing?


I said your name, He said

     It’s written on my heart

             Love gives and gives

                 And gives some more

             Right from the very start.


It’s Isabel and John

      Charlotte and Sue

   Cason and Nancy and Phebe too

       Kathy and Joe, Norma and Ben

       Suzy, Barbara, BoBo and Ken


It’s Terri and Bob, Liz and Tai.

          Sharon, Tom, Mike, and Nan

          Linda, Pat, Larry, and Rose

       Sheryl, Michelle, Nick and Anne

           Doug, the Martins, young and old

                  And all those little ones

                                  with feet of gold.


It’s Elaine, Trish, Virginia and Jan

Bert, Ralph, Camilla, Joan

Sheila, Steve, John and Collin

    Your name is written on my heart

              He said. 


Gene and Susan, Kendra and Jeff

Amy, Katherine, David and Robin

Samantha, Julia, Lynn and Dorothy

Chris, Marci, Andy and Graham


All of you I can’t name here

But I see your face

I know your smile

I see your eyes

      You catch me with a wink.

                    Don’t you feel a thing?


We can give it a name:

             St. Nicholas…it’s true.

For young and old, sick and whole

       We welcome everyone

Love gives and gives and gives



    It’s the great I AM.

              Do you feel it now?


Pat Newton, Organist

May 2009