…or any thumbs at all!

Thanks to all who have volunteered to help with outdoor work at the church this Saturday, May 16.  We will be doing maintenance and makng improvements to the grounds, starting at 8 a.m., and stopping by 2 p.m., except for those of you who have super energy and want to go later.

Please bring your own gloves and tools.  We will be weeding, mulching, repairing the border at the playground, installing a mailbox, trimming, and making general i

mprovements.  If anyone has a heavy duty mower, a “brush mower”, and feels like tackling the undergrowth in the woods between the building and the street, that would be great.  Other tools to bring include pruning/lopping shears, hedge trimmers, string trimmers, rakes, chain saws.

Josh has not been able to mow, so if anyone has a riding mower and wants to mow part or all of the lawn, you will be a welcome sight. UPDATE: Doug Martin will be bringing one!

Bring your ideas and your energy, and we’ll make it a fun and fruitful day!

-Chris Butzon, Buildings & Grounds