What’s a Foyer Group?

Great question! A Foyer Group is an informal gathering of St. Nicholas folks who desire to build community with one another, share a meal, and simply get to know one another a bit better. In other Christian churches, these might be called “supper clubs.” They’re called “foyer groups” because the idea is that people will gather in one another’s homes and “foyer” (or “entryway”) sounds a lot better than “Living Room Group” or “Dining Room Group.”

The early Church made it a habit of meeting in one another’s homes, mainly because they were not free to worship in public arenas. In fact, the tradition of Holy Eucharist was only encouraged in the early Church because people celebrated the Christ meal right along with their regular meal. Even before the early Church, the Last Supper (which was the Passover Meal) that Jesus celebrated with his friends was such a meal. 

There’s just something about gathering around a common table. Our relationships are deepened, we relax more, we laugh more than we might when we’re in Church on Sunday morning. We share something really holy when we gather for meals, whether it’s in our home or out to dinner with friends.

Foyer Groups are a great way to meet people in the Church. In fact, there are some churches who’s members became the best of friends because they met in a Foyer Group. Also, as St. Nicholas continues to grow, it will be important to get to know more people with whom we worship.

How do Foyer Groups work?

First, if you want to join a Foyer Group, you can sign up by clicking on this link and filling out the form. Or you can go to the section of the website called “Sign Up to Help Out” and you can fill out a form there.

Second, your name will be organized into a small group (probably no more than 8 people or 4 couples). Couples will not be separated (unless you really want to be) and singles are very encouraged to sign up (we promise not to make you the odd person out!). 

Once your group is formed, you can decide where and when you want to meet. You might choose to rotate through all the members’ homes and make it pot-luck. You might all choose to meet at a local restaurant. You might all choose to meet on the third Tuesday of every month. You might all choose to meet on the second Saturday of every month. Whatever your group decides. 

When you meet, you can choose if you want to be an informal group, or if you like more structure, perhaps someone can bring a point of discussion, a game, or a devotion to lead to get the group interacting. One thing that will be provided is a short liturgy that we hope that you’ll do together.

Groups will last for a year, at which point we’ll reshuffle.

So join a Foyer Group today by clicking on this link! Someone will contact you to get you on-board.