Ok, just so you all know, I can be pretty irreverent sometimes. I like to think I’m a tasteful irreverent reverend. I find religious humor to be hilarious. When the Church can laugh at itself, then that’s a good sign that we’re healthy and doing God’s will. So, from time to time, I may post something I find for a good laugh.

Back a few years ago, my good friend Jody Grant showed me these series of short videos at a Happening weekend in the Diocese of Georgia. These were done by a church for a class they were teaching on misconceptions of Jesus. These satirical portrayals are supposed to convey how people typically view Jesus, although no one would DARE admit it.

First up…Jesus & the Disciples and a lesson on friendship:

Jesus & the “Rules” of Christianity:

Jesus & Sin:

And my personal favorite–Jesus in the Temple: