After Rev. Beverley’s death, a scholarship was set up in her name for a female student at Harris County High School who is interested in education. The scholarship recipient is determined by the guidance counselors at HCHS. This past Monday night, the first-ever award was presented by St. Nicholas to HCHS senior Ellisa Patterson.  It was wonderful to see Ellisa Patterson win Rev. Beverley’s scholarship last night. She is such a delightful young lady. She is 18 years old and will attend Columbus State University in the fall. She plays the French horn and she is an honor student. She won several other awards last night–so many that I lost count of them! She was so appreciative of the scholarship and she said she would love to visit St. Nicholas.

This Sunday, Ellisa will be with us to thank St. Nicholas for this honor. 

And speaking of seniors, we will celebrate our own graduating seniors, Caroline Correnti, Logan Durham, and David Vargas, on May 17. Please join us as we celebrate these students and their accomplishments. If you have a student that we have mistakenly missed, please contact Fr. Jeff immediately.