There are a couple of things I wanted to point out that are new on the site. First, if you look at the upper right hand corner of the homepage, you'll see a button that says “Donate” with a bunch of credit card logos under it (see the highlighted circle below).


That button will take you to PayPal, an online money transfer site. It is very safe and secure and much of online purchases occur through PayPal. Nowadays, most non-profit organizations and churches use PayPal to allow their members to make donations, pay for items (such as Lobsterfest tickets), or pay their tithe to the chu

rch. In order to donate to St. Nicholas using PayPal, you have to have your own PayPal account. It's very easy to sign up for, and allows you to use your credit card and/o

r your bank account to make payments through PayPal. I suggest that if you don't already use PayPal, but are interested in donating online, that you visit their site and research it or come and talk to me.

Second, many folks have asked if they can make musical requests. Now you can! Visit and you'll see the form, like below:


There, you can list your requests for hymns, spirituals, worship songs, genres, instruments, anthems, or whatever your imagination comes up with! This form will be on the site forever, so feel free to use it often. We will include your requests as they best fit into the liturgy and we'll denote that they came from you!