Sunday, August 23
Church Service & Parish Picnic at Blue Springs
Arrive at 10:00am
10:30am Holy Eucharist
SS Teachers & Acolyte Commissioning Ceremony
11:45am Potluck Picnic
Bring your lawn chairs. You should also bring towels, swimsuits, sun screen and bug spray as needed.

Directions to Blue Springs: Turn right out of St. Nicholas’ parking lot and turn right on Hwy. 116. Proceed 4.2 miles to the entrance to Blue Springs. You can identify the entrance by the concrete drive on the right side of the road at the bottom of a hill in a stand of magnolias with the “Episcopal Church Worships Here” sign out front.

10:30am Holy Eucharist
Lynn and Kenn

y Hall
Ben Brooks

LEM & 2nd Chalice
Altar Guild

Flower Guild

Table Robin
Crucifer Cody
Gospel Cody
Offer. Cody

Wednesday, August 26
6:30pm Holy Eucharist
7:30pm Girls Night Out
Bring a snack or dessert to share and join us for some fun, fellowship, and a movie. This is a new program, led by Kerri Bingemen and others at St. Nicholas, designed especially for women. Each month we will have different activities, Christian bible studies, movies, and speakers. We will decide as a group what we want to do and you are welcome to bring your friends. Please come join us and be a “St. Nick's Chick.”