Last week, I won another commission from artist Otis Frampton, on his 7/7 Sundays webcast. On this show, Otis did a 12-hour marathon of drawing characters. He usually does one 3-hour show a week. This time, he did four 3-hour shows. I watched most of it, and it was amazing to see him draw so many characters so quickly.

This time, I actually got a commission of one of my favorite comic book characters.

Nightcrawler from the X-Men

Nightcrawler from the X-Men

Nightcrawler is featured in X-Men, which is my favorite comic book series. He is the most identifiable character for me because despite his outward appearance of a blue demon, he is a very devout Christian, who uses his faith to drive his super-heroics. For a few years, he even spent time as a Catholic priest, hence the collar in this picture. Nightcrawler has always had this dichotomy of being treated like a demon, yet having the faith of a saint. Also, he has been the X-Men’s jokester as well, having a pretty great sense of humor.

Here is video of Otis drawing this commission. I was the first one of that round. Enjoy! To see the last commissions I’ve gotten from Otis, click here.

On another note, but a note that’s tied to comic books, I have been asked recently to be a regular contributor to a comic book website called, to do 2 monthly columns. Both columns will be about the connection between religion and comic books. The first one will start next Tuesday and is entitled Comics Are My Religion. The second column probably won’t kick off until the beginning of 2010 and it’s more specifically tied to religion and the X-Men, and is called, of course, The Gospel According to the X-Men. I’ve tossed around doing some writing for a while, and this will keep me accountable in doing it. I’m actually really excited about it, and since they are only monthly columns, they shouldn’t take up too much time. Anyway, if you’re the least bit interested, check it out!