blessing-of-the-animals-10-4-09-26To celebrate the Feast of St. Francis, St. Nicholas and their beloved pets gathered on the lawn. Thanks to Ben Brooks, who set up tables and provided treats and water buckets, our animal friends were treated with great hospitality. Also, Dr. Hank Hall, a veterinarian from Columbus, joined us to be on hand to provide information and to give free check ups to any animal. The Harris County Humane Society brought a truckload of dogs to be blessed, in hopes that they might find a home. Thanks to Virginia Brooks, at least one puppy was adopted!

At the brief liturgy, we gave thanks to God for all of our many gifts, especially our pets, and prayed for them. We also remembered beloved pets who have died. Even stuffed animals were blessed, as Bronwyn Jackson brought her stuffed Little Mermaid doll to be blessed by her dad.

It was a great turnout! Thanks to Nick Simpson for set-up and take-down help, Lacy Razor for providing homemade treats, Lynn Hall for her great pics (see below), and to everyone who showed up! Fr. Jeff is always available for animal blessings even when it’s not the Feast of St. Francis, so feel free to give him a call.

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