abby-brownYou all know that we have fantastic young people at St. Nicholas. All of them are talented with great personalities and genuine hearts. Most of the youth at St. Nicholas are involved in something: acolyting, reading, youth group, the Teen Class. It’s one of our goals that St. Nicholas is a place where they are honored, nurtured, educated in faith, and loved.

But not only are our young people doing great things here within our walls, but they are accomplishing many wonderful things out in the world, making God, their families, and their church very proud.

For example, Abby Brown, daughter of Ken and Beth Brown who have been attending St. Nicholas the past year or so, is a sophomore at Harris County High and is incredibly active and talented horseback rider. You may have seen her a number of times in the Harris County Journal, winning many awards on her school’s Rodeo Team.

Abby is currently featured in In The Game magazine for her talents. Click here to read all about her accomplishments and be sure to congratulate her when you see her at church.

If you have any news about any of our awesome youth and would like to share it on our website, please e-mail Fr. Jeff!