Our upcoming Confirmation service at the Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta will be on December 13 at 4:00pm. We currently have six people who will be either confirmed, reaffirmed, or received:

Abby Brown
Sheila Dixon
Sean Moody
Brittany Vargas

Andy Butzon

Laura Bailey

Confirmation is for people who have already been baptized and wish to make a mature acclamation of faith. Reaffirmation is for people who wish to reaffirm their commitment made at an earlier confirmation. Reception is for people who have made a mature acclamation of faith in another denomination, and wish to be “received” by the Episcopal Church.

These six people have been regular attendees of our Episcopal 101 class all year, and we are all very proud of them. There are 23 other people who have audited the class over the course of the year as well! Some are inquirer’s, who are regular attendees of St. Nicholas but aren’t sure they want to be confirmed or received yet. Some are long time Episcopalians who come to learn more about their faith and the Church. We always have a fun time in the class.

If there are any class attendees who wish to decide to be confirmed, received, or reaffirmed, this is your last call! The Bishop’s office needs to know by Friday, December 4, so they can prepare for the service.

Our next Episcopal 101 class will be Wednesday, November 18 at 6:30 for Holy Eucharist and 7:15 for class. This monthly class has been so popular that I plan to continue it on the third Wednesday of each month in 2010, so that newcomers and long-timers can hop on and off as they wish.

The 2010 dates for confirmation at the Cathedral are February 28, May 23, and December 12. Those wishing to be confirmed, received, or reaffirmed may attend Episcopal 101 classes in preparation for these dates.

In support of the above 6 people, please mark your calendars and come to the Cathedral for the service. It would be wonderful to have a bunch of St. Nicholas people in the congregation cheering these people on! It will be followed by a reception as we celebrate the joyous occasion. Also, please pray for these people as they prepare for and experience the wonderful grace of this sacrament.