It is that time of year when we receive nominations for new Vestry members.  This year, we will elect three new members, or a third of the Vestry, for a 3-year term.  This is an important aspect of our common life.

The Vestry is the governing board of the parish, and in our case each member serves as a liaison to various committees within the church. Currently, the areas of ministry are Stewardship, Worship, Education, Hospitality, Parish Life, Outreach, Communications, and Buildings and Grounds. The Vestry is led by a Senior Warden, who is chosen by the Rector to serve as his “right hand” and the Junior Warden, or “people’s warden,” is elected by the Vestry.

As we are a growing parish, we look for people who are energetic, good leaders, and motivated workers who can help steer the ship. We also look for people who are good at inviting and involving others into the leadership of the parish through committees and programs. The Vestry is not supposed to be the group that “does everything” but is a support structure for empowering everyone in the parish to participate. We hope that people on the Vestry are passionate about the areas in which they serve, rather than being a warm body in a position they care nothing about. Vestry is an honor, and a great opportunity for spiritual growth. We do have fun when we gather, as well. It’s not just a “business meeting,” but a time where we experience all that God is doing in our church.

Our current Stewardship liaison and Senior Warden, Gene Demonet, and our current Worship liaison, Sue Halmrast, will be rotating off after their 3-year term. We are so thankful for their leadership, especially during the transition.

The Vestry meets once a month (and sometimes more for special meetings if a need arises) on the fourth Tuesday of the month (except November and December, when we move to the third Tuesday). We also have an annual Vestry Retreat where we map out the year, worship, and seek God’s vision for the next year.

In order to serve on the Vestry, one must be a confirmed communicant of St. Nicholas, a regular attendant in the previous year, and a pledging member in the last year.

Now is the time to begin praying about what God is calling you to do. Even if you don’t think Vestry is part of that call, we hope that you will consider in what way you can serve to continue to do God’s work at St. Nicholas. Below is a nomination form. Anyone can nominate anyone else to run, but please ask that person’s permission before you do. Nominations will be received and at our Annual Parish Meeting in January, the parish will elect our 3 new members.

For more information on the Vestry, visit the Vestry page on this website by clicking here.


Please use the form below to nominate candidates for the 2010 Vestry. Please ask permission from anyone you nominate before you nominate them!