2009 Confirmands

Yesterday at the Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta, we welcomed 7 “official” Episcopalians into our Church. Andy Butzon reaffirmed her faith, Abby Brown, Sheila Dixon, Sean Moody, and Brittany Vargas were all confirmed, and Laura Bailey and Anne Simpson were received into the Episcopal Church. All of them received the laying on of hands by Bishop Whitmore, which is the outward sign of the inward grace of the sacrament.

All of these folks are incredibly active at St. Nicholas. Andy is a Daughter of the King and organizes our Christmas Pageant every year. Abby is an acolyte, a youth group member, and participates in Infusion, a program through CVEM that brings 10th-12th graders from different religious and social backgrounds together to make their world better. Sheila is a Sunday School teacher and is a Shepherd for our children during church. Sean is an acolyte, youth group member, and regular attendee of our Teen Class. Brittany is also a regular at youth group and the Teen Class, helps out in the nursery, and has participated in the diocesan Happening program. Laura is our paid nursery worker and is also on the Strategic Planning Committee. Anne is a Greeter & Usher, a choir member, and a nominee for the Vestry.

Be sure to congratulate all of these folks on their recent commitment to Christ and the Church and continue to support them in all their ministries! We are very proud of all of you!