This year’s Youth Christmas Party was a blast! Peggy and Doug Martin hosted at their home in Pine Mountain Valley. Everyone brought appetizers, which ended up being quite the feast! Terri Townsend led the youth in a ton of fun games including the Santa Suit Hunt, the Christmas Bow Challenge, Blindfolded Cookie Decorating, and Hide-and-Seek for Fr. Jeff. Throughout the night, the teens accumulated points to be used in the final game, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Dirty Santa, where they had gifts that they rotated whenever their special word from the story was said. Sheila Dixon took the littler ones and played Pictionary and other games with them, as well as making some beautiful Christmas ornaments. Afterwords, Father Jeff led a cold worship service on the back porch, reminding the teens of the discomfort Mary and Joseph must have felt being stuck out in a manger.

Many thanks to all the parents, youth leaders, and especially the youth who came and participated! It was a great night! Below are some pics of the event:

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