From Kristy Hubbard and Peggy Martin:

The diamond club/touch down club from Harris County High School is having their 3rd annual reverse raffle January 28.  Dinner for 2 is served with the purchase of a ticket. This year’s dinner is being catered by Mrs. Waddell in Warm Springs who has an awesome reputation of catering for doctor events.  During the dinner the raffle begins with door prizes about every 7th -10th ticket (which are really good prizes).  The GRAND prize of NOT having your ticket drawn is $5000.  You will however have the chance to split your prize ($2500 each) if you and another person are remaining and wish to do so.  Tickets are $100 each.

We are in need of donations as well for both the silent auction and door prizes.

Proceeds from this event will go towards enhancing the athletic programs for baseball and football at Harris County High School.  We will do this through improvements of our fields, equipment and training facilities for our players.  Our program has expanded to the 4 A level and Harris County High School desires to accommodate the players, coaching staff and competitors for the home games.  This requires additional funds that the county does not provide.

The baseball program is also offering sponsor packages.  These are for sponsorships for advertising space around the scoreboard.  All sponsors names will be announced at each home game and will also include 2 season tickets. Sponsor packages begin at $500.  HCHS will provide a tax ID number for tax deduction purposes.

This is a great way to support many of high school athletes. The youth group of St. Nicholas regularly plays flag football at the practice fields at the high school, so this would be a great sign of gratitude to them for letting us play.