Hill Street House

God must read our website. No sooner did I post about searching for a Jeep and a new house did God answer our prayers.

Let me back up.

A few weeks ago, Molly noticed an historic house on Hill Street in downtown Hamilton for sale. We drove past it and we looked in the windows. I wasn’t impressed. We just didn’t have the money to do any kind of renovations to any house. Also, from the front porch, all you could see was this.

Someone has to keep an eye on the Baptists...

Someone has to keep an eye on the Baptists...

So I immediately nixed it and we moved on. A few nights later, I had a dream. Seriously. We were looking at houses and we saw one just off the town square. In the dream, St. Nicholas was on the town square, too, so that was a plus. It was an historic house with lots of rooms. In fact, I kept saying in the dream, “There are just so many rooms in this house…maybe I’ll be able to make one my comic book room!”

Hill StreetI woke up and told Molly about the dream and eventually blew it off. Then, as Molly was scanning the internet for homes, she noticed that the same house had just foreclosed and was now being offered for a tremendous deal. My wife, always looking for a good deal, wanted to go look at it immediately. So we called our realtor, Bob Patterson, and he got us in. Molly was head-over-heels for this place. To me, that’s almost a bigger sign than the dream. She hasn’t been excited about any house we had looked at previously. Not only that, but I’ve never seen her so excited about anything other than pregnancy before! I thought she wanted a country home in the woods, but I forgot that she does have an affinity for history. Our favorite home in Savannah that we lived was an old house that was split into two apartments. I should have known.

I’m excited too, but in big decisions like these, I tend to be the one who takes longer to get excited.

So after some prayers, we decided to move forward with it. We put in an offer, they countered, we re-countered, they re-countered, and we accepted! The house is now under contract and we hope to close in a month.

Last Friday, we had the house inspected, which I didn’t have high hopes about. You just never know with an old house like that. But much to my surprise and satisfaction, the inspector raved about the condition of the house.

Welcome home...The Hill Street house, as we’re calling it (although I prefer “the Rectory”), was built in 1915. It’s got a whopping 6-bedrooms and 3 baths. It’s over 3200 square feet, which is more than plenty for us to grow into. And like I said…it’s a steal!

It’s not without it’s challenges, though. The carpet is pretty ugly and gross and the walls are stark white. It feels rather institutional right now. We hope to peel up the carpet and refinish the original hardwood floors underneath. Perhaps we’ll put new carpet in the rooms upstairs. We also want to paint pretty much everything. Our biggest concern will be electric bills, so we have thought about ways that we can make the house more energy-efficient, including insulation and replacing windows. We’ll also need some new furniture to fill up the space. Luckily, with the deal we’re getting, we will have money to do at least some of these things.

So, dreams do come true, apparently. I never did buy that lampshade, but I’m wondering now if we should keep it shade-less as a memorial.

Today, Molly and the kids watched the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade from the front porch. The Hamilton parade route goes right in front of our house. Even now, without the “stuff,” or the paint, or the furniture, it feels like home. As I marched past them, I caught a glimpse of our life there.  Playing hide-and-seek in the “secret passageways,” doing homework at the bar in the kitchen, running upstairs and slamming the door to their rooms when they’re teenagers. This is our home.

Hill Street Kids

And I get my comic book room!