I am really getting impatient. Since our house sold in October, I’ve been on the prowl for new habitation. We definitely have counted our blessings that we were lucky enough to see the Savannah house go. We’re grateful for the rental house we have (thanks to Lacy Razor), and we love our location and neighbors (The Hornes), but after a year of “temporary living,” we are so ready to find the house and feel completely at home.

I’m getting pretty good at scanning the internet for homes. However, our criteria is pretty specific. We hope to be here for a while, and since we moved multiple times in Savannah (four to be exact), we want this house to be long-lasting. We are hoping to find something in the Hamilton/Pine Mountain area, one, because Tai is now a student at Park Elementary and we love his school, and two, because I like being so close to the church and being centrally located in the county. Our parishioners are all over Harris County and up into Troup and down in Muscogee, and being in Hamilton makes it easy to get to folks in everything in between. We want something that has enough room for us and room to grow. We’d like to live in the woods for once, so subdivisions aren’t at the top of our list. We like wooden houses, porches, and a garage, and Molly has dreamed of a country kitchen for as long as we’ve been together. We also want something we can afford, which, on a one-salary clergy income, is not so easy in our beloved rural town. Our realtor has been extremely patient with us and is just as determined to find the “one” as we are.

So the search goes on…

At the same time, I have been Jeep-shopping. I have wanted a Jeep Wrangler for years, ever since I rode in a family friend’s Jeep with the top off when I was a kid. My trusty blue Saturn has been faithful ever since we bought it during Christmas break of 2002. We were coming home from seminary in DC when the transmission in Molly’s Geo Prism went out completely on I-95 in North Carolina. We had to junk it, rent a car, and in a matter of days, had the pressure of finding “the car.” I admit, at first, I was skeptical. But 8 years and 121,000 miles later with minor repairs over the years, and I’ll say we found just the car for us. Every once in a while, it feels like it’s gonna go, but my mechanic seems to think it’s doing just fine. But having a Jeep in good shape would allow me to not worry about whether or not I can make it to the Cathedral or Camp Mikell for a meeting.

A few weeks ago, I was scanning Craigslist (the best place to car shop for deals), and found a great 2000 Jeep Wrangler with 85,000 miles on it for super cheap. I test drove it and was pretty sure I wanted it, but someone else outbid me on it before I could make up my mind. I could have continued the bidding, but didn’t, and now I regret it. This is because now I judge every deal on a Jeep I see by that one. It is now my white whale.

Luckily, we aren’t in a hurry for any of these things (although, today a mortgage officer came by the house to alert us that the owner of our house is behind on payments and my parents are in need of a second car badly so getting a Jeep would help them out). But I am getting impatient.

I know these are just “things” in the grand scheme of life. I certainly know God provides and will continue to do so. I also undoubtedly know that while it pains me to do so, I must continue to be patient. Wait. Breathe. Be still. Repeat.

Lamp with no lampshade.In our living room (which is actually the dining room–you’d have to see it to understand) is a symbol of our waiting. On the table next to the chair in which I sit to read, blog, and nap is a lamp with no lampshade. The lampshade was damaged in the move here, and we just never replaced it because we thought we’d only be in this house temporarily. 15 months later, there’s still no lampshade.

Molly and I have joked superstitiously about getting a lampshade for the lamp, as that might be what turns the tide for us. Of course, this is silly. But just in case, I think we might need to stop shopping for houses and Jeeps and go get the darn lampshade!