2009 Confirmands

Last Year's Episcopal 101 Confirmands

Our ongoing Episcopal 101 class kicks off again this Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. This is a class for anyone and everyone! If you are hoping to be confirmed, received from another denomination, or reaffirmed in your commitment to Christ, or if you just need a refresher, sign up today! Also, if you have a friend who has any questions about St. Nicholas, invite them to come as well. This session will be a good starting point for any new members of the class.

Thursday’s session is called Intro to St. Nicholas. We will learn about our patron saint as well as the history of our congregation, and what God is calling us to do in this time and place.

Dates for future classes of Episcopal 101 are:

February 18: Baptism & Confirmation
March 18: Bible 1-Old Testament
April 15: Bible 2-New Testament
May 20: Church History
June 17: Faith
July 15: The Church
August 19: Calling
September 16: Prayer
October 21: Worship
November 11: Sacraments
December 9: Eucharist