29 – 31 January  Youth Retreat at Camp Mikell

Sunday, 31 January–Fr. Fred Northup preaches/celebrates

8:30am Holy Eucharist

9:30am Breakfast/Fellowship

9:45am Adult/Youth/Children’s Education

11:00am Holy Eucharist


8:30am Bobo and Barbara Morgan

11:00am John and Charlotte Winsness


8:30am Sue Halmrast

11:00am Michelle Moody/M. Martin


8:30am L. Dixon

11:00am Diane Hinnant

Altar Guild  Bradley/Correnti

Flower Guild  Diane Hinnant

Sunday School Teacher   Bert Tomlin

Cider  Barbara Bradley


Table:   Abby B.

Crucifer:  Abbey A.

Gospel:  Abby B.

Offertory:   Dalton

Torch:   Abbey A./Dalton

Wednesday, 3 February

3:00 – 5:00pm St. Nicholas Quilters

6:30 – 7:45pm Choir Rehearsal

Thursday, 4 February

6:30pm  Week 5 of 6  St. Nicholas Academy:  Listening to Scripture

Father Jeff is away at Youth Retreat, 29 – 31 January and away at Clergy Retreat 1 – 3 February.