website1Our website has just had it’s very first birthday!

Today, I updated many of the Pages to reflect what’s going on currently. The website has two functioning parts, the Posts and the Pages. The Posts are the articles (like this one) that we “post” to give you up-to-date info on what’s coming up. Posts are what you see when you receive an e-mail from the website. Pages are the more “static” pages, that you see in the toolbar above. These are mostly pages that have information that is more constant. Every year, this information gets a bit of tweaking, unless something major needs to be updated.

If you haven’t strolled through the Pages in a while, you really should do so! Among the updates:

Leaders pages, especially the Vestry & Staff page
Worship page, with updated service times
Marriage, Funerals, and Other Forms of Worship, with update information on Confirmation
Parish Life Events, with more pictures of our events in the last year

If you are interested in learning more about how to contribute to our website, or learning more about websites in general, I will be teaching two different workshops. First, at the Diocesan Ministry Fair at the Cathedral on March 6, I will be co-leading a workshop called Blogs and Facebook & Twitter, Oh My! Here’s the description of the workshop: “Social media” are new tools for mainline churches, but part of the everyday lives of many of our parishioners and most of our neighbors (of all ages). Come learn how the new social media are impacting Christianity in and out of the church, and how we can be a positive force in those changes. Come learn more about Facebook, Tweeting, and other social networks and how they can work for you and your church in an effective way, most all of them at little or no cost.   The Rev. Jeff Jackson, rector of St. Nicholas in Hamilton, will use an example of how his parish is using social networking tools to build community and enhance evangelism.

Second, on March 13 at 1:00pm at the church, I will be teaching specifically how to be a contributor to our website. I will teach participants how the site works, how to post Posts and Pages, with pictures, text, and more! It would be helpful to have a laptop with wireless capabilities so you can interact with the website while I’m teaching. It’s not mandatory, though, but you’ll want to take notes.

We’ve made a lot of headway with our website in the last year. I hope you have found it an effective tool for communication. As always, your feedback is important. Help me by continuing to let me know what you’d like to see on the website in the future.