Fr. Jeff speaks at last year's Lenten Series.

As Lent is a time of self-exploration and reflection, we look for opportunities to prepare ourselves for the journey to the Cross. Lent is special because it invites us to do the interior work on our own “inflamed hearts.” In this interior journey, we will look at those who have gone before in order to grasp the ways in which they struggled with their worlds, their faith, and their own “inflammation.”

Particularly, we will look at the journeys that women have made through the centuries and how their interior journeys culminated in unity and love through various means.

Join us on the Tuesday evenings of Lent at 6:30 p.m. as we explore this interior journey:

February 23: The Rev. Ruth Cummings, Associate Rector at St. Anne’s in Atlanta, looks at the interior journeys of the “Mary’s” in Jesus’ life as they loved him, supported him, and even held his lifeless body and witnessed his resurrection.

March 2: Michelle McCrillis, Associate Professor of Art History at Columbus State University, looks at the interior journeys of women throughout the history of art.

March 9: Mary Jane Wadkins looks at the development of early Christianity and the interior journey of the women during that time.

March 16: The Rev. Donna Gafford, Priest Associate for Adult Education at Trinity Episcopal Church in Columbus, looks at the interior journey of the early Anglican church.

March 23: Speakers TBD. We’ll look at the interior journey of women in history and their contribution to music.

Sign up for the Lenten Series by clicking here. You can sign up to help bring food, to help set up and clean up, or to just attend! See you in Lent!