Drucye PriceThanks be to God, we have a new Junior Warden! At the last Vestry meeting, the Vestry voted to make Drucye Price the 2010 Junior Warden. Drucye is our Communications liaison on the Vestry and helps out with all our advertising in the community. She is the editor and publisher of the Spirit of St. Nicholas newsletter and also helps out with posting things on the website.

The role of the Junior Warden is to serve as the “People’s Warden,” to hear feedback and give support to the people of St. Nicholas. The Junior Wardens responsibilities are:

  • Assist the rector and the senior warden in providing leadership in the vestry to identify the vision, mission and goals of the congregation, make and implement plans, assess progress and celebrate achievements
  • Provide leadership in the congregation by demonstrating a consistent positive attitude that seeks to solve problems and learn from mistakes, recognizes accomplishments and gives thanks for those things that build community and further the mission of the Church
  • Pray daily for the rector, leaders and members of the congregation
  • Meet regularly with the rector and senior warden
  • Work closely with the rector and senior warden in providing overall leadership in the congregation

Drucye is going to be a fantastic Junior Warden, and I’m glad she is willing to serve. She lives in Columbus and has been a member of St. Nicholas since 2007.

Lynn HallAlso, St. Nicholas has a new Volunteer Secretary! After a plea from me to God (and the Facebook community) for a some secretarial support, Lynn Hall, the secretary for the Vestry, volunteered to serve as a very part-time, non-paid secretary for St. Nicholas. Lynn will be at St. Nicholas Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. answering phones, keeping up with the church calendar and the rector’s calendar, filing, organizing, and other secretarial duties. Right now, we cannot afford to pay a secretary, so this is a tremendous gift that Lynn is giving to the church and to your rector! Lynn’s service is in addition to our fabulous Parish Administrator Dorothy Webster, who does the week-by-week financial responsibilities. Dorothy will continue to do the financial stuff, while Lynn will do the other administrative work that I need her to do. We are so blessed to have both of them serving!

And the neat thing about our new Junior Warden and new Volunteer Secretary is that they’re sisters!