Relay For Life Sweetie-Grams
In honor of St. Valentine and the fight against cancer, the Relay for Life Team is offering lovers of all kinds a choice of edible Valentines available for pickup Sunday, February 14. Until Friday, February 12, Sweetie Grams can be personalized with the name of the recipient (human or animal). Sorry, we do not do ferrets, hamsters, fish, monkeys, or horses. Maybe next year. Below are the available choices. Special orders will be considered until Friday, Feb. 12. If you have any questions, e-mail Trisha Wehrle: Your sweetie will thank you!
Sweetie-Gram: Lucious chocolate mix, personalized in cellophane bag, $5.00
Weight Watcher’s Sweetie Gram: Sugarless jelly bean and candy mix, a few chocolate hearts (it’s Valentine’s Day!), $5.50
Tree-Hugger O’Gram: Polynesian Trail Mix (dried pineapple, bananas, etc.), recycled paper bag, $5.50
Canine O’Gram: Tasty peanut-butter biscuits, cute bag (not edible), $5.00 (extra for dogs allergic to peanut butter)
Feline O’Gram: Kitty treats of various flavors, $5.00 (no live mice provided)