The house on Friday.

The house on the day it snowed.

Yes, it’s official, we are finally homeowners again! After a long waiting period to sell our house in Savannah, we finally closed on our house last Friday, thanks to the work of our realtor Bob Patterson.

As you have seen and probably heard, the house we bought is an historic house, built in 1915. It has a rich history in Hamilton, with many people knowing the Shafer family who lived there for many years. Some folks have even given us history that pre-dates the Shafer’s, which we hope to learn more about. Despite it’s age, the house is in great shape and needs a bit of work, which we are rushing to get done in the next few weeks before we move in. We have already had one paint party, and are having another this Saturday from 9:00 to 3:00.

We’ve already had a number of adventures in the house. I ripped up all the carpet last week, and borrowed Kenny Townsend’s truck and trailer to haul it all off. After successfully getting it all on the trailer with the help of Sean Moody, I ended up getting stuck in the mud because of the previous night’s rain. Never to leave bad enough alone, I actually was stupid enough to drive the truck and trailer down deeper into our back yard, and thus getting even more stuck. After two calls to the tow truck guy (one trip wasn’t enough to get it out), the truck and trailer were excavated, with only a little damage to the trailer jack and a lot of damage to the grass in the back yard. An embarrassing and humbling event, however, I have been told by many that getting stuck in the mud is a regular occurrence in Harris County, so I’m in good company.

The house is transforming in front of our eyes. As you can see here, we’ve come a long way in just a week, and more is to come.

The Foyer as we bought it...The Foyer with paint...The Foyer with no carpet...

The floors will be sanded and refinished, new windows will be put in on the first floor, and professional painters will come in to finish what we start. We have been overwhelmed by the love, support, and hard work of St. Nicholas in helping us create our home. So many of you have picked up a paint brush or watched our kids or brought us food. We cannot thank you enough.

More house adventures are coming, so stay tuned! It’s quite fitting that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has set up camp in Harris County. It really feels like that’s what we’re doing. But thanks to Extreme Makeover, I got to dump that dang carpet at the landfill after hours since they were waiting for a delivery from the special project. Despite getting stuck, grace abounded after all!