4 Feb 2010

Below is an update on Episcopal Relief and Development’s
efforts in Haiti.  Thank you so much for your support.  I know many of
you have parishes in Haiti that you helped that are now in ruins.  In
a conference call last night it was stressed that for less than the
cost of an airline ticket from the U.S. to Haiti, Haitians are being
hired to help themselves with the relief and recovery in their
country.  They are very able and willing to do the work at hand.

Ms. Debbie Betsill
Diocesan Coordinator
Episcopal Relief and Development
770-975-7772 mailbox 2

Episcopal Relief & Development Collaborating on Earthquake Response in Haiti

In the wake of the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, Episcopal

Relief & Development has been working closely with local partners to assist those

most impacted by this disaster. It is estimated that one in three Haitians were

affected by the quake, roughly three million people.

In the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, Episcopal Relief & Development is offering

technical support and funds to help secure critical supplies for those in need. In

addition to supplying food and water, the agency has secured vehicles to assist the

diocese in delivering supplies, fuel for those vehicles and camping supplies to

provide shelter. These efforts are expanding the diocese’s capacity to help the

25,000 survivors who are currently residing in 23 diocesan camps. Episcopal

Relief & Development is also helping the diocese increase its capacity and human

resources by enabling them to hire camp liaisons and logistics personnel.

The camps, many of which are located at the sites of the Episcopal churches and

schools, range in size from a few hundred people to 8000. Camps are located in the

following areas:

    • Crois des Bouquets
    • Leogane
    • Port au Prince
    • Delmas
    • Carrefour
    • Bolosse
    • Taifer
    • Pointe Rouille
    • Cape Haitian
    • Montrouis
    • Grand Colline
    • 17th section de Poucey
    • Petit Harpon
    • Bouteau
    • Miragoane
    • Bordeoux
    • Petit-tron de Napps
    • Bainet
    • L’azile
    • Kompan

Prior to the earthquake Episcopal Relief & Development was partnering with the

Episcopal Diocese of Haiti’s Development Office. This diverse program included

fostering a network of 28 community development workers trained in disaster

management. Since the quake, these development agents have completed initial

needs assessments in their own communities, and they are providing their data to

the Diocese and Episcopal Relief & Development. Their information is enabling the

Diocese and Episcopal Relief & Development to work together, setting priorities for

ongoing relief and recovery efforts.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, activities supported by Episcopal Relief &

Development include:

Episcopal Diocese of Haiti

  • Supplying over five tons of food to survivors living in diocesan camps. This

includes both purchased and donated food.

  • Delivering food by helicopter to six camps not accessible by vehicles. These

camps are inhabited by more than 15,000 survivors. Each drop contains

216 pounds of rice, 204 pounds of beans, 12 gallons of oil and 36 kilograms

milk powder.

  • Constructing permanent latrines and clean water sites in eight camps. These

new facilities will be earthquake-resistant. In addition to providing sanitation

and clean water, the construction is creating jobs in affected communities.

  • Conducting training on the proper installation and maintenance of at least 20

emergency water purification systems, which diocesan development

agents are distributing throughout Haiti. Additional water purification needs

are currently being assessed so that they can be adequately addressed.

  • Working closely with the Diocesan Disaster Council, which has been charged

by Bishop Duracin to coordinate the earthquake response and long-term

recovery plans.

IMA World Health

  • Providing 25 medicine boxes to diocesan community health workers. Each

box contains enough pain relief medications, nutritional supplements,

antibiotics and basic first aid supplies to assist 1000 people in diocesan


Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic

  • Procuring and purchasing three trucks to transport supplies. Two of these

trucks are being used by the Diocese of Haiti and the third is being used by

the Diocese of the Dominican Republic.

  • Gathering critical supplies and taking three supply shipments from Santo

Domingo to Port-au-Prince each week.

As often as possible, Episcopal Relief & Development prefers to purchase items

locally. This practice supports local economic recovery, creates local employment

and ensures Haitian leadership in program design and management.

For the most up-to-date information and access to resources, visit www.erd.


To assist those suffering in the wake of this disaster, please consider making a

donation to Episcopal Relief & Development’s Haiti fund at www.er-d.org or call 1-

800-334-7626, ext. 5129. Gifts can be mailed to Episcopal Relief & Development,

PO Box 7058, Merrifield, VA 22116-7058. Please write “Haiti fund” in the memo of

all checks.