You probably didn’t know that the Church went that fast or ascended that high.

Of course I’m speaking about the Church as people and not as a building. Last week, a portion of St. Nicholas found themselves on this:

This is Goliath, and it’s one of the largest roller coasters in the world. It stands about 200 feet tall and zooms at about 70 miles per hour. Terri Townsend and I took a group of youth from St. Nicholas and a few of their friends to Six Flags Over Georgia, where Goliath lives.

I have been a roller coaster fan for years. My first roller coaster was the Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags, and since then, I have become quite an enthusiast. I love the speed, the adrenaline rush, and the exuberant laughter that one experiences on a roller coaster. I am getting older, and so many of the coasters I once considered wonderful are putting quite a beating on me. But somehow, it’s still worth it.

Theme parks are a great way for youth groups to spend time with one another. I’ve had tremendous theological discussions with young people as we have stood in a long line. I have administered pastoral care in the midst of a ride. Sometimes the Kingdom of God happens in the strangest of places.

This trip was exceptionally fantastic. We have such a great group of young people at St. Nicholas, who are so diverse and gifted. They are fun to be with, and they have fantastic friends who they invited.

I am grateful for the time spent with our youth and hope that we can continue to engage them as they continue on their spiritual journeys. Even if it’s at the top of Goliath!

Check out some pics of our day!

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