From Cure!

One of the events I missed in my first year at St. Nicholas was Relay For Life. I had a pre-scheduled conference to attend before I even heard of St. Nicholas, so I unfortunately missed out on last year’s event. This year, though, I made sure I was around for this event.

I had heard that it was a “county-wide” event. Boy, was that right! Churches, schools, businesses, civic organizations, and government departments all had tents set up in the Harris County High School football field.

St. Nicholas was no exception. Under the awesome leadership of Graham Horne and Trisha Wehrle, we had not one, but two tents set up to serve delicious barbecue, hot dogs, and other assorted goodies. We had a ton of food, and sold it all to raise money for Relay For Life.

We had a battalion of St. Nicholas folks out there who worked to serve, greet people, or just come by and support us.

Perhaps the most moving part of the evening was when they turned out the stadium lights and we were surrounded by the lights of the luminaria, each one given in remembrance of a person who had died from cancer. On the home side of the stadium, they had luminaria set up in the words “HOPE.” Meanwhile, a bagpiper played Amazing Grace, while they changed the word “HOPE” to “CURE.” It was a moving display.

What was even more beautiful was seeing our community rally around a cause. We have all experienced the sting of death of loved one to cancer or have gone through the terror of being diagnosed ourselves or having a loved one diagnosed. But as Christians, we know that no matter how dark cancer can seem, death is never the end. We work and strive for life, and that’s exactly what Harris County did together at Relay For Life.

I am proud of St. Nicholas participating in that event and am thankful for all of you sharing your gifts to be an example of Christ’s love (our mission, by the way!) and sharing this cause with me, which I gladly take on with you.

Here are some pictures of the event! Make sure you sign up next year. You’ll have a blast!

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