kaitlyn-moxleyAfter Rev. Beverley’s death, a scholarship was set up in her name for a female student at Harris County High School who is interested in pursuing a career in education. The scholarship recipient is determined by the guidance counselors at HCHS. This past Monday night, on behalf of St. Nicholas, I got to present the $500 scholarship to HCHS senior Kaitlyn Moxley.  

Kaitlyn is planning to attend Columbus State University to pursue early childhood education.

As a funny, and embarrassing, side note, the presentation of the scholarship completely slipped my mind until I overheard someone at Relay For Life mention the award ceremony. First thing Monday morning, I called the high school and asked if we could still award it. Luckily, Ms. Caldwell said we could and thought of a student who really deserved some scholarship help in achieving her goals. I was so excited when I heard Kaitlyn’s name, because I got to judge her senior project this year as well. She is a lovely young lady, and was so surprised and grateful for the scholarship. The Holy Spirit certainly was present, despite my forgetfulness!

I already have next year’s ceremony marked on my calendar!