parish-picnic-8-1-10014_1582x1050.jpgThis past Sunday, St. Nicholas members experienced both extremes of the thermometer.

We gathered for our annual Worship and Parish Picnic at the Blue Springs home of Cason and Nancy Callaway, and BOY it was a scorcher! With temperatures reaching about 100 degrees, even though we tried to dodge the sun under the shade, everyone was melting in their lawn chairs.

But despite the heat, we prayed, sang, and worshipped for our service, including the children of St. Nicholas leading a couple of VBS songs. We were nourished at God’s table, thanks to the preparation of Liz Dixon, Charlotte Winsness, Sharon Cheatham, and Suzy Eidson. Sam Roney played beautifully on Robin Klitzke‘s keyboard, brought by Gene and Pat Demonet. We asked God to commission a new group of Sunday School teachers, presented by Michelle Moody, and our acolytes, presented by Peggy Martin. Even though we suffered through the heat, it was still a moving experience.

After the service, we were then nourished at another table! Thanks to Sheila Dixon‘s preparation and a feast provided by everyone, we had a phenomenal spread! Everything was wonderful, and many thanks go to everyone who brought something, and for those who stayed after and cleaned up!

Perhaps the most important thing we do when we gather at Blue Springs is welcome new visitors and friends. We had a great number of guests, who’s first experience of St. Nicholas was at Blue Springs. Thank you to everyone who invited a friend, co-worker, or family member to the event. There were almost 100 people in attendance! Now, make sure you invite them back next Sunday!

After a full belly, many folks decided to go for a swim in the ice-cold waters of the Callaway’s pool. It’s one of those pools you just have to jump in, because if you ease in, it’s borderline painful. The water is so cold, but it’s wonderful on a day like Sunday with such heat. The youth group had a great time jumping into the actual blue springs, which was even colder than the pool.

We cannot thank the Callaways enough for their generosity. In my sermon, I talked about “which way do you hold your money”–in a tight fist or in an outstretched hand? The Callaways definitely do the latter and share their abundance generously and openly, and we all are thankful for their hospitality.

Here are some photos of the day, thanks to Lynn Hall.

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