This Sunday, August 8, we will return to our regular Sunday morning schedule!

8:30am Holy Eucharist: This service is for our early-risers. Unlike many other church’s early services, though, it is a service of Holy Eucharist with music, although we will occasionally omit a hymn or two based on time. We have almost identical services at St. Nicholas to ensure unity among the members of the church. Just because you get up early doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the full worship experience!

9:15am Breakfast: Last year, we started a very successful breakfast in between the services. Under the leadership of Sheila Dixon, families can sign up to provide a continental breakfast once every few months. This gives an opportunity for people from both services to gather and catch up with one another. What better way to do so than over food? Jesus did that all the time! So either stay after the early service or come a little early before Christian Formation and the late service to get a light breakfast and some excellent fellowship.

9:45am Christian Formation classes/Choir Warm-Up: We used to call this just “Sunday School,” but then adults starting thinking it was just for kids! Christian formation is a life-long process, and we offer numerous opportunities for children, teenagers, and adults to grow in their faith and get to know one another better!

  • Nursery: Infants to 3-year-olds can enjoy some play time in the nursery, tended by the wonderful Kim Stokes. There are toys, videos, and books for our youngest members, and Ms. Kim will also take children out to the playground if the weather cooperates. Kim is available to watch children from Breakfast until after the 11:00 service.
  • vbs-2nd-day-7-26-10004.jpgSunday School: 3-to-9-year-olds are invited for a fun-filled class with games, crafts, and biblical learning. They are met each week in the Sunday School room by one of many teachers who help kids know that God loves them and cares for them. The children have Sunday School until just before the 11:00 service, at which point parents can gather them to sit with them in church, or they may sit on the front row with a “Shepherd” for worship. Either way, we believe that having children in church is vitally important to their faith development, so be sure to teach your child how to worship. It’s OK to take them out if they get fussy and bring them back when they calm down. If you have questions or need some help, please contact Fr. Jeff. If you’re interested in becoming a Sunday School teacher, contact Michelle Moody. This Sunday will be our Sunday School kick-off, with special snacks for our kids!
  • Teen Class: Youth who are 10-years-old and up are invited to join Terri and Kenny Townsend and Heather Roper for a class just for them. They’ll talk about issues and challenges that are pertinent to their lives as well as have fun. This semester, the Teen Class will be focusing on prayer, and why it’s important (or is it?), and what ways Christians can pray. Usually, this class meets in Fr. Jeff’s office, but this Sunday, the group will meet from 9:15 to 10:30 at the home of Fr. Jeff and Molly Jackson (323 Hill Street, Hamilton) for their own breakfast and catching-up time.
  • Adult Christian formationAdult Class: Everyone else, young adults and up, are invited to meet in the left ante room (left of the altar) for biblical and theological reflection. This year, we will do a series of classes in “blocks.” The first block will be taught by Fr. Jeff and is called “Faith & Finances.” We’ll meet for 5 weeks on this topic, ranging from “What Happened to the Economy?” to “Unemployment” to “Helping Your Family Through Family Stress.” So grab a cup of coffee and come as we talk about issues that matter and how our faith can help guide us through.
  • Choir Warm-Up: In the nave, our Music Director Sam Roney meets with the choir to warm up for the music at the 11:00 service. Regular choir rehearsal is on Wednesdays at 6:30pm, but even if you can’t make that rehearsal, Sam welcomes you to come and sing with the choir. This group is always laughing as well as singing because Sam keeps choir fun, and worshipful. If you’d like to learn more about singing in the choir, contact Sam.

11:00am Holy Eucharist: This service is for our late-risers (although we hope that you’ll come for breakfast and Christian formation)! This is a full worship service, at which the Choir processes and leads the singing, our acolytes process in with crosses, torches, and other implements, children are invited to sit on the front row, and youth and adult readers read the lessons. Quite often, Fr. Jeff will gather the children together for a brief children’s sermon. After the 11:00 service, there are refreshments served for more fellowship.

So it’s a full morning of worship, education, and fellowship at St. Nicholas! Now’s a good time to jump back in if you’ve been gone, or if you haven’t visited with us before! It’s a new beginning!