ChoirThis Sunday, September 12,  2010 at 5:00 PM at Trinity Episcopal Church, 1130 1st Avenue, Columbus, Ga., everyone is invited to a Hymn Festival!

What is a “Hymn Festival?” It is a celebration of the great songs of the Church. (That’s Church with a capital “C” meaning the Church Universal, not one denomination.) In the context of the Nicene Creed Bruce Neswick will take us through the church year – Advent to Pentecost – with scripture readings and hymn elaborations. The congregation will sing everything except two anthems of Bruce’s. The Mass Choir, including our very own St. Nicholas Choir, will add interest with original descants, re-harmonization’s and use of instruments. There will be great old hymns and some new ones that Bruce has written and are in the Episcopal Hymnal.

Bruce Neswick accompanied the St. Bartholomew’s Choir in Legacy. He was at St. Philip’s in Atlanta and now Director of Music at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in NYC. He is collegial, charming, has a wonderful fresh harmonic sense, an imaginative improviser and … he can play up a storm. You will love him. This is a great opportunity to see/hear/watch one of the leading Church musicians working today.