house-blessing036_800x531Ironically, both our Tuesday evening classes and our Episcopal 101 are learning about worship, which is primary to who we are as Episcopalians. So when they asked if I could do an “instructed” Eucharist, it only made sense to combine the classes this month!

So, by request, I will be conducting an instructed service of Holy Eucharist on October 5 at 6:30pm.

An instructed Eucharist is a service where there is no sermon, but the priest explains the different portions of the worship service at various intervals.

This service will serve as the 5th part of our Tuesday night class on the “Dangerous Act of Worship” and our October meeting of Episcopal 101. All people are encouraged to attend to learn a more about our worship tradition. Even if you’re not signed up for either of these classes, and just want a refresher, come and join us!