Sunday, 10 October

8:30am Holy Eucharist

9:15am  Breakfast/Fellowship

9:30am  Christian Formation Classes

11:00am  Holy Eucharist



8:30am Bobo and Barbara Morgan

11:00am Kenny and Lynn Hall


8:30am Larry Nordin

11:00am Diane Hinnant/Ivy Martin


8:30am Katherine Johnson

11:00am  Michelle Moody

Altar Guild

Sharon Cheatham/Suzy Eidson

Flower Guild

Bert Tomlin


Michelle Moody


Dalton Avery

Ivy Martin

Madison Martin

Sunday School Teacher–Children

April Avery


Tuesday, 12 October


St. Nicholas Academy: 

The Dangerous Act of Worship


Wednesday, 13 October

6:30pm  Choir Rehearsal


Note:  Sunday, 10 October is the last day to reserve and pay for the Out & About

Adult Group’s “Walk With the Shadows” Ghost Tour scheduled for Friday, 22 October.


Happy Birthday!


10/1     Kimberly Stokes

10/4     Bobo Morgan

10/9     Dalton Avery

10/11   Laura Bailey

10/12   Bronwyn Jackson

10/12   Pat Demonet

10/16   Libby Horne

10/17   Abbey Avery

10/19   William Morgan

10/20   Liz Dixon

10/23   Suzie Eidson

10/30   Matt Hinnant