Join Father Tom in anĀ Advent Adventure

Adult Formation Class beginning November 28, 9:45am

Advent is an exciting season. It spells new beginnings and hope for me. I know that our culture tries to manage two overlaying stories. The story of Santa and the story of the Christ child. I have to struggle sometimes to keep my focus.

Fr. Jeff has invited me to lead the Adult Christian Education in Advent. Beginning on November 28th, we will explore each person from the Holy Family. I would like to peel back the plastic wrap that is often found around this family. What was it like to be an unmarried pregnant teenager? Who was this person, Joseph, and how did he shape the life of the boy Jesus? How important is the creedal statement that we believe in the virgin birth? If it’s that important, why did the Gospel of John and Mark not include it in their account?

This 4-week course will give us all a fresh appreciation of the life and journey of the Holy Family. I will offer my insights for the first 15 minutes and the balance of our time will be open for a healthy discussion.

Advent is the springboard for knowing and experiencing the life, joy and hope of our faith. Join me in this Advent Adventure.

Fr. Tom Jones