ThanksgivingJoin us at St. Nicholas on Sunday for our annual service of Thanksgiving followed by our Thanksgiving Potluck lunch! The service on Sunday will be one combined service at 10:00am followed by lunch. Bring a dish to share, and enjoy the fellowship!

Also, for our 2011 Stewardship Campaign, we are hoping to receive all the pledges this Sunday so the Finance Committee and the Vestry can complete the budget for 2011. Our goal is to present a balance budget to the congregation at our Annual Meeting in January. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on the many blessings God has given you, and to respond to those blessings by giving back to God. Please say your prayers, talk with your family, and pledge your time, talent, and treasure to the ministry of God through St. Nicholas.

We are so thankful for all those who pledged in 2010, and want to remind you to complete your pledge by the end of the year so we can properly close out the books. We also give thanks for those who have responded to God’s call and have pledged for 2011. We haven’t met our goal yet, but we are praying that God will provide through the generosity of our members and friends. Every pledge counts, so make yours today! If you need a pledge card, please let Dave Halmrast know.

A quick story of stewardship: As I was typing this e-mail, my son Tai came up and gave me a rubber band. Tai LOVES rubber bands, so I said, “What’s this for? Don’t you want it?” He said, “No, I have enough, and you need one, so you can have this one!” I’m now wearing it around my wrist as a reminder that even the simplest gifts have great impact.