The Strategic Planning Committee has been meeting the past year to begin the discussion of how we would like to see the physical plant of St. Nicholas to grow. The committee, commissioned by the Vestry, is chaired by Nick Simpson. The committee members are Chris Butzon, Gene Demonet, Doug Martin III, Connie Blackmon, John Winsness, Laura Bailey, Nancy Snoots, and Suzy Eidson. They have established a survey, that you can do by clicking here.
You may be wondering why we are talking about a building project when finances are tight. This is a valid concern. I have a few responses to it:
1. Be at ease! This is just the first step in a long building project. Just because this committee has been tasked at looking at the feasibility of expansion doesn’t mean we’re going to start building tomorrow. There are lots of things we will need to prayerfully consider before we do anything major. But we also have to know what our needs are before we can start dreaming of what we want to build. This survey is designed to address our needs as a growing, healthy congregation. Once the committee receives the data they’re collecting, they will have a better understanding at how to move forward. We will see our major needs, and then address how we might best use our existing space to meet those needs or build a new space to meet those needs.
2. According to church development experts, we will not be able to grow much more in the building we currently use for worship. Once a worship space grows beyond 80% capacity, the church has to start thinking about expansion. We bought some time with moving to 2 services and now our 11:00 service has grown to the size the single service was 2 years ago. How cool is that? The more space you make, the more likely you are to grow. However, the conundrum is: Do you build in order to add new members, or do you add new members in order to build?
3. Perhaps the most important reason is that God never calls us to be idle. God didn’t call the Israelites to go to the Promised Land only when things were easy and prosperous. This journey is one that God calls us to, and is one that is ripe with opportunity for deeper spiritual development of our congregation. It’s exciting! It’s risky! Faith in God usually is.
Please take a few minutes first say some prayers, then fill out the survey. You can print out a copy and bring it to the church. You can e-mail your response to Nick Simpson at You can go on our website at and do the survey there. We want to hear from you, so please let us know your thoughts and dreams for St. Nicholas. Feel free to e-mail me at if you’d like to make an appointment to discuss your thoughts.