A quick word of congratulations to our new Vestry for 2011!

2011 Vestry

From L to R: Anne Simpson, Drucye Robinson, Lynn Hall, Sheila Dixon, Dave Halmrast, Linda Sawyer, Connie Blackmon, & Michelle Moody (not pictured: Chris Butzon)

This past weekend, the Vestry, Rector, and Staff met at Dave and Sue Halmrast’s house for a Vestry Orientation day. We learned a lot and made plans for leadership in the next year. The Vestry hope to grow together spiritually this year as they exercise the leadership of the parish in teamwork with the Rector. This is a very strong group of leaders, so this year should be a great one! Vestry meetings this year are going to be on the 4th Monday of the month, starting January 24 at 6:30pm. Remember that Vestry meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend unless in executive session.

Here are the areas of ministry our Vestry will be working with:

Dave Halmrast: Senior Warden & Stewardship
Chris Butzon: Buildings & Grounds
Michelle Moody: Youth & Children’s Formation
Drucye Robinson: Communications
Sheila Dixon: Parish Events
Anne Simpson: Hospitality
Connie Blackmon: Outreach
Lynn Hall: Adult Formation
Linda Sawyer: Worship

Also, congratulations to Chris and Jackie Lintner, who were elected as representatives of St. Nicholas to Diocesan Council in November. Michelle Moody and Anne Simpson were elected to serve as alternates.

Chris Lintner (not pictured: Jackie Lintner)

Chris Lintner (not pictured: Jackie Lintner)