And now here’s a little segment we call: Here’s What I Drew This Week.

I don’t draw every week, although I probably should, and probably more than once a week. But in the rare times that I get to sit and doodle, the most difficult part is finding the inspiration to be creative. I have found recently that the things that inspire me the most and the things that produce the most satisfying translation to paper are my children.

I posted last week about how my kids and I spent some time jumping into the mountains of leaves. Liam was a little intimidated at first, but after hearing Tai and Bronwyn countdown and jump in, he responded with “Uhn, ooo, eee, UMP!” and laughed as he fell into the pile.

So that’s where this one came from.

I took a picture with my iPhone rather than scanning it in directly, so it’s a lot darker than it should be. Not sure my scanner is big enough for this size anyway. Hope you like it.