Saturday, 22 January 2011

10:00am  Free Flower Arranging Workshop at St. Nicholas

Contact Linda Sawyer or Suzy Eidson if you plan to attend. 

Sunday, 23 January 2011 – The Third Sunday After The Epiphany

8:30am Holy Eucharist

9:15am  Breakfast/Fellowship

9:30am  Christian Formation Classes

Father Jeff leads the Adult Class, studying Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians

11:00am  Holy Eucharist

6:30pm  Strategic Planning Committee


Third Sunday after the Epiphany 

Two Services

Jan 23,

8:30 AM

Jan 23,

11:00 AM


Halmrast, Dave

Halmrast, Sue

Winsness, Charlotte

Winsness, John

Adult Reader

Blackmon, Connie

Martin, Peggy

Hinnant, Diane

Altar Guild

Julie Nordin

Diane Hinnant



Blackmon, Connie

Hinnant, Diane

Flower Guild

Sawyer, Linda




Avery, Abbey

Avery, Dalton

Lintner, Kathryn

Acolyte – Junior Acolyte


Horne, Libby

Acolyte – Youth Reader


Avery, Abbey



Moody, Michelle

Christian Education – 9:30 A.M.

Moody, Michelle



Monday, 24 January

6:30pm Vestry Meeting


Wednesday, 26 January

6:30pm  Choir Rehearsal




Happy Birthday!


1/9       Madison Martin

1/10     Noah Horne

1/20     Don Morgan

1/22     Tom Cheatham

1/22     Graham Horne

1/24     Marci Horne

1/28     Caroline Correnti

1/31     Justin Hubbard


Happy Anniversary!


1/1       Nick & Anne Simpson