Join us as we discuss the sacraments of baptism and confirmation and why they are important to who we are as Episcopalians. Are you new to St. Nicholas? Are you new to the Episcopal style of faith and worship? Are you a longtime Episcopalian who needs a jumpstart on why we do things the way we do them? Then you need to
join our Episcopal 101 class! This monthly class is a perfect place to learn more about our church and what makes us unique as Episcopalians. Each month, we explore different topics that are important to us. If you are thinking about becoming an Episcopalian, this class is very important. It’s also a great way to meet other new folks to St. Nicholas! If you want more information, please contact
Fr. Jeff.

Above and below are two videos by the Rev. Matthew Moretz about the sacraments of baptism and confirmation. Check ’em out!