2011 VestryBelow are the minutes from the January meeting of the Vestry, which were approved at the February meeting. If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact any of our Vestry members.

Vestry Meeting
Monday, January 31, 2011, 6:30 p.m.

Father Jeff opened the meeting at 6:30 with a prayer.

In attendance: Dave Halmrast, Lynn Hall, Sheila Dixon, Gene Demonet, Drucye Robinson, Michelle Moody, Anne Simpson, Linda Sawyer, Jeff Jackson

Absent: Chris Butzon, Connie Blackmon, Nancy Snoots

Nancy Snoots was not able to attend so Jeff asked for volunteer to take minutes.

Linda Sawyer volunteered.


Jeff did a power point presentation of  “Thinking Like a Leader”.

Part of the discussion was “if you were to leave your position today, would you leave a plan including specific tasks and people? Also suggested was that we write thank you notes to the people who serve to show them their service matters.


December minutes from the vestry meeting were read and approved.

Lynn Hall said the “Out and About “ trip on Feb. 5 will be postponed until Feb. 26  due to weather.

Michelle said we have planned a super Bowl Party for youth, Feb. 6. Valentine’s party and nursing home visit Feb. 13.

Sheila Dixon said she would have an Oyster Roast at her home instead of the Mardi-gras Party we had at church last year.  She will also plan the menu for the Lenten dinners. Lenten Series March, 15, 22, 29, April 5,12.

Linda Sawyer plans a cleanup day for church and grounds on Sat. Feb. 19.

Jeff will not be in attendance at the Diocesan Ministry Fair on Mar. 12 as he doesn’t want to be so far from home so close to Molly’s due date. He did encourage us to go online and register.

Adult formation in March on Grief is postponed until May.

No Christian Formation April 17,  24


Retreat evaluation. Most vestry members approved of the one-day session. Some members were not happy we didn’t have a planning day.

Everyone agreed the vestry retreat was a great location, food and getting to know one another. Thanks were extended to Dave and Sue Halmrast for hosting it in their home.

Jeff said we would probably do a planning day later.

Rector’s Compensation. Dave went over a performance review the vestry participated in on Jeff.

To facilitate Pastoral Communication, Jeff has pulled together a group to address parish needs. The first meeting will be Wednesday at 4:00. Committee to include Peggy Martin, Katherine Johnson, Kristy Hubbard. Among other things they will write notes and make calls to the sick.

Other discussion ensured about Jeff’s need for a secretary. He spends a lot of time copying pages, etc. when his time could be spent in better ways.The lack of funds was discussed and Jeff emphasized that that person should come from outside the St. Nicholas parish.


Dave presented the 2011 Housing Resolution. This following resolution was adopted:

Whereas The Rev. Jeff Jackson is employed as a minister of the Gospel by St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, Hamilton, Georgia, which does not provide a residence for him, the Vestry resolves that of the total compensation of $102,136 to be paid the Rev. Jeff Jackson during 2011 that $32,000 be designated a housing allowance within the meaning of that term as used in Section 107 of the RRS Code of 1986.

The recommendation from Nick Simpson, head of the Strategic Planning Committee that we approve a site topographical survey to begin the process of getting a master site/campus plan was put before the vestry.

After discussion Dave Halmrast moved that we approve expenditure for up to but not more than $5,200. for this survey. This figure was from a previous estimate. This was seconded and approved by the vestry.

A motion was made to remove Peggy Martin and approve Dave Halmrast to sign checks on behalf of the church. Seconded and approved.

Jeff moved that we place any further nominations on the floor for Jr. Warden. None being received, Michelle Moody, was elected as Jr. Warden for 2011.

Gene Demonet presented the treasurers report as of Jan. 24, 2011.

Jeff led a prayer for dismissal.

Total time       1 hr. 40 minutes.

Vestry had agreed to go beyond the target time of 1 hr. 30 minutes because of the full agenda.