I Will Praise Him With A New Song! An Exploration of Music and Spirituality

The first dinner of the Lenten Series will be this THURSDAY, MARCH 17th at 6:30pm. We had to move this first dinner from Tuesday to Thursday to accommodate our guest musician, Trey Clegg. He is great, so please come and make him welcome! You may remember Trey from our Music Workshop a year and a half ago as we planned for our music program before we hired Sam Roney. Trey is the music director at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Atlanta and is a fantastic talent and a big ball of energy. You will be entertained and inspired by his program.

The sign-up sheet for this Thursday’s dinner went around church on Sunday, and not many people signed up. This was probably because of the short notice. The theme for the dinner is “Italian.” So, if you are coming and are planning on bringing a dish, dessert, or beverage, please let Rebecca Crowley know by Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. Likewise, if you are planning on coming but cannot bring a dish, there will be a donation plate – but we do need to have a head count. So, again, please email Rebecca by Wednesday at .

The sign-up sheets for the rest of the dinners are also now posted at the church. So, the next time you are there, please take a look at the dates and go ahead and mark your calendars.

We look forward to seeing you!