As you know, the “Out and About” Event on Saturday, April 9 is fast approaching. Anne Simpson will need to know by this Sunday how many people are planning on going. The cost is $30 for adults and $17 for children 12 and under. The Museum opens at 10:00am.

There are some stony areas so wear good foot wear. If it is raining, it is covered outside so you won’t get wet. Our Biblical Meal is at 4:00pm and our Garden Walk is at 5:30pm after the meal. We would get there about 2:00pm as a group, but you can go sooner if you would like.  Just tell them that you are with the St. Nicholas Group and pay as you go in. The price will be the same regardless what time you get there. Also, once Anne submits the names of people attending, if you do not go there will be a $10 no-show fee because of the price of the meal. If you have any other questions call Anne at 706-594-4547 or e-mail her at

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