2011 VestryBelow are the approved minutes of February’s Vestry meeting. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of our Vestry members.

Vestry Meeting-Monday, February 28, 2011, 6:30 p.m.

Father Jeff called the meeting to order and Michelle Moody opened with a prayer.

In attendance:

Connie Blackmon, Chris Butzon, Gene Demonet, Sheila Dixon, Lynn Hall, Dave Halmrast, Jeff Jackson, Michelle Moody, Linda Sawyer, Anne Simpson, Nancy Snoots


We played the Secret Pathway Maze game.  The object of the game was to help everyone get through the maze.

At 6:53 we discussed what we liked and didn’t like about the game.  We learned we have to depend on others and we have to have a strategy.  We learned we need to lead but also consider needs of others.  We related the game to being on the Vestry.   We went over the words of the opening prayer again.


January minutes from the Vestry meeting were read and approved.

Lenten Series: There has been difficulty getting commitments from speakers.  Michelle was going to ask Trey Clegg to be a speaker.

Newcomers: Anne Simpson said there had been at least three new families with three children each.  Jeff asked us to keep an eye out for newcomers.

Braves tickets:  Sheila Dixon brought up the idea of selling Braves tickets as a fundraiser.  She told us we can buy 150 tickets for $12 each and sell them for face value of $18 each, keeping the difference for St. Nicholas.

Advertisement:  Michelle Moody showed us an ad for St. Nicholas that cost $75 that she put in the Harris County High School program.

Need for Parish secretary:  Dave Halmrast spoke first about the need for a secretary to relieve Jeff of taking care of paperwork and to have someone here to answer the phone.  He brought up the idea of spending $760 per month on a secretary.  Gene was asked to take a look at the budget to see if money can be rearranged in order to pay for a secretary.

It was mentioned that in order to grow the church, Jeff needs to do what he does best, and not spend a lot of his time making copies, etc.  Lynn Hall said that a secretary needs to have a computer and a place to work.  Dave reminded everyone that Dorothy’s work and work space need to be respected.  All members agreed that there is a need for a secretary.  Jeff said we would need to bring Dorothy into the conversation.

Anne said we need to think about the safety of people working alone at the church during the day.   Gene agreed to try to find the money in the budget for a secretary.  It was mentioned that the goal is to have a secretary at the church five days a week – we need to think long term.  We want to have a secretary who would be with St. Nicholas for a long time.  Jeff reminded Vestry that we are not paying the full Diocesan pledge and that we didn’t give Jeff or Sam a raise.

Tabled the discussion of secretary to March meeting.  Gene will have a proposal for the Vestry.

Pastoral Care: Jeff said that Katherine Johnson, Andy Butzon, Peggy Martin, and Jeff are having a meeting at Wednesday at 4 p.m. to discuss pastoral care.

Strategic Planning Committee’s plans:  Jeff said that the SPC is having a topographical survey done and is reviewing architects, having narrowed the list to five.  Jeff and Nick Simpson are going to write a Request for Interest and Qualifications letter to architects.

Nursery workers:  Michelle mentioned the plan for hiring four nursery workers, each of whom will commit to one Sunday a month, and each being paid $30 a Sunday.

“Safeguarding God’s Children” – Jeff said that all Vestry members need to complete it online.

Short-term space issues.  Jeff brought up the issue of the need for more space in the short-term and asked us to be creative in our thoughts about it.

Locks and keys issue: Dave said that it would be less expensive and more practical to have locks rekeyed rather than paying for all new locks.  Sheila suggested just rekeying the locks where the money is kept.  The motion was made to explore just having the two locks rekeyed where the silver is kept and where the money and confidential financial records are kept.

Treasurer’s report:  Gene Demonet gave the Treasurer’s report.

Jeff reminded everyone that his schedule in March is tentative and that we may have to have Morning Prayer on the 20th of March and that the guide for Morning Prayer can be found on his desk.

Next Meeting will be on March 28th at 6:30.

Meeting was closed at 8:20 with prayer by Father Jeff.