Going With Grace: Dealing with Grief & Preparing for Death, Adult Forum in May: Easter is a time to remember that death is not the end for us, but a change in our lives. No one can ever truly be prepared for the death of a loved one, but there are positive things we can do to make that time easier when it comes. Have you made your funeral plans? Have you thought about what you want your memorial service to look like? Are you just plain scared to talk about death? This May on Sunday mornings at 9:45am, we will spend a few weeks with Fr. Jeff and his father, Al Jackson, a retired funeral director and grief counselor of 30 years to open up about these issues and learn about constructive steps to take when we lose a loved one.

May 1: “Before I Go” with Al Jackson–We will talk about the dying process, aspects of using hospice, regrets, acceptance of terminal illness, sudden death, and healthy “good grief.”

May 15: “I Wanna Look Good When I Die” with Fr. Jeff–Most people don’t know what they want their funeral to look like and leave it up to their grieving families to make those critical decisions. In this session, we’ll look at the Episcopal burial liturgy and talk about how to plan for that celebration.

May 22: “The Funeral Process” with Al Jackson–How do I choose a funeral director? What should I expect in making arrangements and what information do I need? We will discuss the value of the funeral process to the family, the Church, and the community.