img_0126In case anyone missed the first part of our 3-part series entitled Going With Grace: Dealing with Grief & Preparing for Death, you can now listen to the audio that was recorded.

Click here to listen, or you can click on the podcast window on the right of the screen.

The first part of the series was entitled “Before I Go” and was led by Al Jackson, a funeral director and grief counselor for over 40 years. Al also happens to be Fr. Jeff‘s father.

If you have any questions raised in the podcast, be sure to e-mail Fr. Jeff at

This coming week, we will not have Adult Forum due to our Bluegrass Mass, but our series will pick up with the following:

May 15: “I Wanna Look Good When I Die” with Fr. Jeff–Most people don’t know what they want their funeral to look like and leave it up to their grieving families to make those critical decisions. In this session, we’ll look at the Episcopal burial liturgy and talk about how to plan for that celebration.

May 22: “The Funeral Process” with Al Jackson–How do I choose a funeral director? What should I expect in making arrangements and what information do I need? We will discuss the value of the funeral process to the family, the Church, and the community.