2011 VestryBelow are the approved minutes of April’s Vestry meeting. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of our Vestry members.

Vestry Meeting

Monday, April 25, 2011, 6:30 p.m.

Father Jeff called the meeting to order and Linda Sawyer opened with prayer.

In attendance:

Connie Blackmon, Gene Demonet, Dave Halmrast, Jeff Jackson, Michelle Moody, Drucye Robinson, Linda Sawyer, Anne Simpson, Nancy Snoots


Jeff read from Ezra and asked why the hand of the Lord was on Ezra.  What does it mean regarding being a leader?  We discussed paid work versus volunteer work, including in the areas of the military, business, and church.  It was noted that St. Nicholas has a lot of good leaders and that to be a good leader in church one must be connected to faith and spiritual traditions, both in practicing them and in teaching.  Jeff suggested that we each examine ourselves and see where we are spiritually.


The March minutes were approved.

Jeff said he would be taking Wednesday off to make up for the extra days he worked recently, and that his Continuing Education days would be April 28 and 29.  Jeff will be in Atlanta for the Bishop’s Nominating Committee on April 30.

Relay for Life – Need one more grill for Graham to pick up Friday with his truck.  If there is no grill, we can use chafing dishes.  Phebe will donate water.

Survivor Sunday – People can come forward for prayers.

Adult Forum – Jeff’s father will discuss grief, healthy dealing with grief, including practical things surrounding death and the burial liturgy.

Zion Workday – 10:00 to 4:00.  The people who signed pledge cards concerning helping with Zion Church will be called and reminded.

May 8th – Fried chicken meals at $7 for white meat, $6 for dark meat, and $3 for nuggets.

Men’s Group – Chris Lintner organizing meeting for Wednesday, May 11th, at a restaurant for a quail dinner.  It won’t usually be on a Wednesday.

Lobsterfest Committee – Linda Sawyer leading; meeting at 10 a.m. on May 14th at her house with lunch afterwards.

Daughters of the King – Marci Horne leading; meeting on May 15th after church in the Sunday School room.

Strategic Planning Committee – Nick setting up interviews with architects:  May 15th with Foreman Seeley Fountain at 6:30 and May 22nd with Cole & Cole at 6:30.  We are still waiting to hear from two others.   Will be setting date with Young Goldstein for interview.


Chris Butzon – Had to resign position on vestry due to health problems.  We need to express thanks to Chris for his service.

Open Position on Vestry – Vestry to nominate and elect someone to serve in Chris’ place for the rest of the year.  Suggestions were made.  Jeff to follow up with those people.

Lenten Series – Lynn suggested planning begin in October next year.  Anne didn’t hear any complaints regarding the food and doesn’t know how the money worked out.  Most of Vestry liked potluck better.  Dave suggested partnering with another church for Lenten Series, such as Hamilton Methodist or Pine Mountain Methodist.  It was commented that a Lenten Series held at St. Nicholas will be another way of bringing people in to St. Nicholas.

It was noted that the Bishop and Joseph Golden have already committed to being speakers at next Lenten Series.  Lynn Hall will be in charge of engaging speakers and Sheila will be in charge of food.  Lynn and Sheila to make calls regarding next year’s Lenten Series.

Holy Week and Easter – Sam had surgery.  Attendance for Holy Week services was up and down.  Compared to last year, attendance was down on Monday and Tuesday, up on Wednesday, the same on Thursday, and up on Friday.  Jeff said he should have prepared the Altar Guild better.

Ushers – We need better training for the ushers.

Mutual Ministry Review – It is a way to review to see how we’re doing to celebrate successes, resolve challenges, and to determine what God is calling us to do.  There are different ways to do it and Dave can give samples of formats.   Evaluate positives and focus on strengths.  Appreciative inquiry.  First plan is to review Vestry.  It includes a clergy evaluation of people and people evaluating church.

Fundraising Ideas – Do barbecue to raise money next spring.  Start men’s group – they could do it.  Jeff will talk to Tony Cox’s friend of Goo Goo Car Wash owners, regarding a fundraiser next July 4th.  We do need another major fundraiser besides Lobsterfest.  Have yard sale every other year.  Cookbooks are good fundraiser but must plan it well.  Not doable yet.

Parish Secretary – Need to make a decision regarding the Parish Secretary.  We don’t want to hurt any ministry’s budget.  There are other ways to finance it.  Individuals can contribute money to pay the salary for this year.  Possibly the money could come from donations given in honor of Cason Callaway’s service.  What about next year?

The committee agreed to go over the time limit to continue discussing this topic.  Dave will ask people to contribute money for salary.   Jeff said we need to start thinking about tithing.  We need offering envelopes in the pews.

Treasurer’s Report – Gene reviewed his report.  He said there is $25,000 in unobligated cash, and extra money from Cason Callaway’s situation.  The Lobsterfest is very important and is everybody’s project.

Contributions to church – Larry will donate lawn tractor and Gene will donate shed.  Vestry approved.

Steward of the Month – Lenten series volunteers to be recognized as Stewards of the Month.  Sheila to write it up.  Anne to tell Sheila.

Jeff ended the meeting with prayer.