img_0171Well, it’s not a parish hall or a new worship space, but we do have a new building at St. Nicholas!

Thanks to the generous gift of Gene Demonet, we have a new storage shed behind the church. This gift was given as a result of another gift. Larry Nordin is donating a riding lawnmower to St. Nicholas.

For those who don’t know, our yard work is done completely by volunteers who give their time to save our church money on landscaping costs. In the past, volunteers have brought their own lawnmowers to do the work, but many folks have said they would volunteer, but don’t have the equipment. Larry has been our sole lawn guy this year, and he decided to donate his lawnmower, which will help others volunteer.

But the lawnmower needed a home, so that in turn allowed Gene to donate the shed. Good stewardship all around! Many thanks to Gene and Larry for their generosity and thanks to God for this wonderful gift!

If you want to volunteer to be on the rotation for mowing the lawn, please contact Larry Nordin at The lawn is mowed every 2 weeks, so if enough volunteers help out, you’ll probably only have to mow once or twice this summer!

Here are some shots of the shed being dropped off by Jarvis from Action Buildings.


How is he going to get this off the truck by himself?


Oh no! It's gonna fall!


No it's not...Jarvis knows exactly what he's doing.


And it's down!


It's amazing how he positioned the whole shed with just a 2x4.


Jarvis leveled it and set it in a good spot.